Adsense referral…why bother?

A while back, you may have noticed that I added an AdSense referral button to my sidebar. It didn’t cost me anything more than some pixels. My site is featured in a for-pay eBook on Adsense, so I was hoping I’d snag some conversions. You get paid $100 when your referral makes their first $100.

Now I read on JenSense that Google has instituted a 90–day time limit on referrals. That means that if someone signs up off my link and doesn’t make their $100 in time, I lose my referral fee when they finally get there? Huh? That’s not how a “not evil” company should be doing things.

Google been berry berry good to me so I don’t want to say anything that will get me in trouble with them but come on…it takes time to build a steady income with AdSense. I was thrilled when I got my first payout from Google and it wasn’t within the first 90 days. A typical site may take 6 months or more to make that first $100. Quite frankly, anyone with a site capable of earning $100 in ad income quickly is already earning ad income most likely with AdSense and doesn’t need my referral.

Oh well…I’m leaving the link there. Maybe I’ll get lucky. Doesn’t hurt to leave it, doesn’t hurt to take it down.