No more shop-around bookmarking

After a whole lot of work, we’re finally ready to migrate the main website to a new facility on Saturday, January 21st at 12 midnight EST. The site should dissapear only briefly as we switch. Some features, such as tag pages and feeds have already been running on the new hardware for a few days.

We’re moving to more and bigger hardware (we lost a number of machines in our previous power outages.) I’m looking forward to moving out of damage-control mode and continuing to roll out new features and functionality.

Finally indeed. I’ve stopped shopping around bookmarking/social bookmarking engines & sites. At some point you have to have a “trusted system” and stick with it. I think I’m there on bookmarking.

I’m settled on for my “gee that’s interesting I should save this in case I need it later” links (which is 80% of my bookmarking).

I bookmark in Firefox’s Bookmarks Toolbar folder my “I access this site constantly throughout my day so I need to save it where I can get to it quickly and I’m not sharing the link with the world” links. Right now there are maybe 20 links in that folder. I go through it constantly. If I stop using a service or I’m not accessing it as often as I thought I would, it’s outta there and the link either goes to or…

I save links that are too important to put up on but not vital enough to have in my Firefox toolbar in Onfolio. I keep my eye out for articles related to colorectal cancer research and they’re collected there. Resources for software that I use. Links and files that aren’t just links and files, since Onfolio catalogs PDFs and Word files, too. If I’m saving a story off of the Wall Street Journal or New York Times I’ll save a local copy instead of a link. That way I can get the content later even it’s no longer online at the same URL (this was a great feature in Furl and the now-defunct MS Internet Explorer for Mac).  It’s not cheap, so I waited until the last possible day to purchase it to make sure that I was really getting value out of it. I am.