I finally got an iPod case!

At last!

I know I could have ordered a case for my 5G iPod online, but when shopping for cases I like to do it in the store. A case can look nice on a website, but when you actually get the thing it feels like garbage, or it doesn’t fit right, or it doesn’t work functionally the way you thought.

We went to the Menlo Park Apple Store tonight so Eric could pick up iLife ‘06 and yippee they finally had a nice selection of 5G cases!

I ended up getting a case that I never would have thought I would have liked from the website:


Incase Leather sleeve for iPod

The picture doesn’t do it justice. I thought I was leaning towards the Incase Leather Folio until I took it out of the case in the store and held it. I didn’t like the way the flap flipped around, and I was afraid the thin 30GB iPod would slip out the bottom while I was watching. I think it would be a better case for non-video iPods. You wear it on your belt and then tilt it open to see the display. Not for long-term watching of the display.

I also looked at the Belkin kick-stand case and was disappointed. It didn’t feel as nice as the Incase models. And it appears that to fold down the top you have to remove the iPod from the case. I want a case that I never have to take off if I don’t want to. Plus, I love the feel of the Incase click wheel cover. It’s much, much easier to scroll accurately with it, and the large button over the center wheel allows you to adjust settings of the iPod without looking at it (handy when the iPod is your bag and you want to lower the volume or mute quickly).

All-in-all, I’m glad I held out until the stores caught up with demand.