Quick Updates

BlogJet 1.6.2 is out. Minor fixes, seems to be working just fine. I still wish that a copied URL would auto-paste into the link field, though.

If you liked my tease of FeedDemon 2.0, then head on over to Nick Bradbury’s blog and download a copy for yourself. He has released a beta that’s even better than the version I blogged about. Remember, the 2.0 beta is only for registered 1.x users. So if you don’t have FeedDemon yet, you have to buy it and then you can upgrade to 2.0. Your purchase of FeedDemon gives you the connection to NewsGator for free (2 years worth), so it’s a good deal.

Macrome.., I mean Adobe has released a bug-fix update to Dreamweaver 8. Note to Adobe: Go through the list of Dreamweaver websites, tutorials and extensions and bring it up to date. You know it needs some TLC when a link to the Dreamweaver Bible site reveals:

This site is dedicated to my book series, The Dreamweaver Bible and the current edition, the Dreamweaver 4 Bible. The Dreamweaver 4 Bible has just been published and is now available from all major online and offline booksellers.

Dreamweaver 4?!? “Page Info” shows that the page was last modified on November 5, 2001. Yaromat’s site was last updated in March 2003. AskHiran is an UltraDev resource site. What’s UltraDev? My point exactly. There are a few good resources listed, such as CommunityMX, but that’s Macrome…I mean Adobe’s luck that they’re still there.

The page of resources was last updated on January 12, 2004. Two years is a lifetime to let a resource list grow cobwebs, isn’t it?