Trackback problem

If you send me a trackback and I don’t appear to accept it, it’s not that I don’t love you. Something is messed up on my server and it’s refusing all trackback pings, even my own:

Ping ‘’ failed: HTTP error: 403 Throttled

Erik had a similar problem. I have tried following the advice on this page, and it appears to work temporarily and then it starts throttling again. I just increased the limits yet again. I have an open support ticket with SixApart and I’ll see if they have any better ideas.

In the meantime, if you sent me a trackback and it’s not showing up, drop me an email and I’ll manually edit entries to give you some linky back-at-yas.  

Update 1/11/05: I had to update the  maximum pings this blog could take in an hour/day to a higher number, due to trackback spam. They seem to be working again.  


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