Stupid human tricks


Not how I wanted to spend my Saturday.

I have this habit of sitting with one foot tucked under. Been doing it for as long as I can remember. I know it’s bad for me, especially when the tucked under foot falls asleep.

Last night, around 9 pm I was sitting at my desk working on my laptop as I usually do when Emily called for me to give her another kiss goodnight. I stood up and I didn’t realize that my foot was asleep until I hit the ground. Heard a “crack” sound as I went down.

Playing the typical martyr Mom I insisted that I would be fine and tried to ignore it even though the pain was shooting up and down my leg and I couldn’t put more than the lightest pressure on the floor. This morning it was just as painful and the top of my foot was swollen and kind of blue-ish.

So this afternoon I had Eric drop me off at the emergency room. It was a mad house. It took nearly an hour until they called my name just to check me in. There was a little boy sitting next to me who had a cut on his forehead and his mother had been waiting with him for nearly 4 hours at that point. With nowhere to go, I listened to podcasts and waited. Luckily, I was only there for about 2.5 hours total…including 10 minutes getting the x-ray and 10 minutes talking to the doctor.

My diagnosis: moderate sprain. So now I’m on crutches for a few days and then I’m to get an aircast. I’m only relieved it’s not broken. I can hardly think of a sillier way to injure myself. 


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