No I will not give you an Orkut invitation, sorry

Here’s thing thing…way back in April, 2004 I tried Orkut.

As I said back then:

This is the first social networking site that I’ve ever tried, and I’m not sure yet what I think of it. Everyone’s doing it, as a tech-wannabe and a blogger there’s some "big" names on there…but I can’t help feeling "well, yeah…but so what?"

There was nothing I found on that closed network that I couldn’t get elsewhere, so I can’t remember the last time I logged in.

Strangers started asking for Okrut invitations in the comments. I’m nice, so maybe I obliged one or two. But hello? The point of these things is that you send invites to your friends, isn’t it? It isn’t so I can “grow my networks” with a lot of stranger’s names. I did it for one or two because I don’t attach any value whatsoever to Orkut so it was no big deal, except I don’t want to bother anymore. So after the first one or two I ignored the comments. When they started to pile up a bit, I turned comments off on the post.

Now I’m getting email asking for Orkut invitations. I don’t feel that bad ignoring them because you know they’re also hitting the other 2,479,999 sites that come up on a search of “Orkut” on Google (I’m #198) and by now they have to be used to rejection.

I don’t want to delete an old entry for this. So for the record…don’t ask me for an Orkut invitation. If you do, I’ll just point you here. Any comments from people who have never posted here before giving me a hard time or asking for an Orkut invitation will be deleted.


2 responses to “No I will not give you an Orkut invitation, sorry”

  1. Hey, you don’t have to post this, but if anyone is looking for Orkut invites, you can send them my way as I have set up my Gmail account to cope with the demand and do not mind giving them out. ~Darnell

  2. Ha! Didn’t notice the type key (firefox was “hiding it from me”).

    If you don’t want people to bother you about the Orkut invite thingie, just send them my way as I have set up my Gmail account to deal with the demand (I love technology). Cheers!