Taking web 2.0 a bit too far

From flocksucks.wordpress.com and brought to my attention by my darling hubby:

That site credits darthservo for the photo and so will I.

What’s even funnier, and what illustrates exactly what’s wrong with web 2.0 is that the average person won’t have a clue why it’s so funny.

“It’s a cup with with post-its on it. Um, okay. I don’t get it.”

“The cup is tagged!! Get it????”


::sigh:: “Tagging is where you apply words to something that make it easier for you to find it later. It also helps if anyone is looking for the same thing, they would look for items on social sites that were tagged with the same words. Don’t you read Techcrunch? It’s the hottest thing to hit the Internet since Netscape!”

“Sure, whatever you say. You and your geeky toys.”

And appropriately enough:

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