My new state is looking for a slogan

We got here just in time. New Jersey is looking for a new slogan and they’re asking for the people’s vote. The Trenton Times (along with MSNBC) has had some fun publicizing some of the suggestions that the state rejected, including one of my favorites, “New Jersey: It’s Not as Bad as it Smells” and “Most of Our Elected Officials Have Not Been Indicted.” I came from Connecticut after all…I think my kids think all Governors have to resign in shame in between elections.

I can understand why Codey rejected “New Jersey: We’ll Win You Over” at the last second. It makes it sound like you already had a negative opinion of New Jersey and the reality of the state will change your mind. Well….

So after considering thousands of ideas, some of them serious, Codey has decided on 5 that he is putting to a public vote:

  • New Jersey, Expect the Unexpected
  • New Jersey, Love at First Sight
  • New Jersey, Come See For Yourself
  • New Jersey, The Real Deal
  • New Jersey, The Best Kept Secret

I voted for “New Jersey, The Real Deal.” It’s a little bit in-your-face and plays up the part of the state we’re most known for (Atlantic City, of course).