Skimmin' podcasts

So many podcasts…only two ears.

I can skim hundreds of blogs in FeedDemon, but you can only listen to one podcast a time and it’s all or nothing.

iTunes mocks me with that little “!” icon that when you click on it, it tells you that it has stopped updating because you haven’t listened to the podcast lately. Come on, Apple! I’m trying…I get to them all. Eventually.

I just went through and removed any podcast that I really don’t think I’ll listen to unless everything else has been heard. The bottom of the barrel stuff. What’s left, are the podcasts that I really like…48 podcasts! Some are short 2–3 minute ones that update daily. Most are weekly or bi-weekly shows averaging at around 30 minutes each.

Right now I’m listening (and watching out of the corner of my eye) the 12/14/05 episode of digital life TV. I’m such a geek.

Years ago I would unwind at the end of the workday by sitting on the couch with a magazine, watching TV with half a eye. Now I read RSS feeds and watch/listen to podcasts. I’m such a geek.

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2 responses to “Skimmin' podcasts”

  1. Well, self-awareness is the first step on the road to healing… he said, on the downstairs coach while sitting in NetNewsWire.

    Takes one to know one…