Good point

The TypePad outage this week was an unwelcome reminder that even web things sometimes fall down and go boom, and for all software companies enamored with software as a service over the web a cautionary tale.

It’s one thing if a blogging service goes down. Could you imagine the damage if say two years from now we all get Microsoft Office as a web service and someone digging a trench makes an oopsie with a backhoe?

I’m a huge fan of web service applications, but it’s a helpless feeling when you’ve got something to do and the tool you use to do it is unaccessible. My email has been unreliable, and has been down more than it’s been up the past few days. At least I don’t use TypePad. 

It’s a serious issue, though and it may get to the point where every web service has to be owned and/or controlled by Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay or Google because they’ll be the only companies with the bandwidth to scale.