BlogJet is growing on me

I’ve been blogging more in the past day or two, and I have to admit that a lot of the credit (or blame) goes to BlogJet. Yeah, I still have quibbles about some of the features I feel it lacks. But what is implemented works very well. Very clean. Dare I say it? Almost Mac-like. I’m actually writing this in a rich text editor and it’s not making my stomach turn.

I’ve been watching the BlogJet message board and the newsletters that have been emailed to me and I’m impressed at how enthusiastic BlogJet’s developer, Dmitry Chestnykh has been. I don’t know him, but I’m getting a sense that he’s one of the good guys and an investment in this product now will pay off down the line. Same way I felt when I first purchased Adobe InDesign at version 1.5.

Even better, he has non-profit pricing. $39.95 is a lot for a single-use client, but $69.95 is not bad for 5 licenses. C3 has 2 active blogs now, plus another in development. I can even brand it for the computers I have access to.

So I’m typing this from a licensed copy of BlogJet.

I bought not only for what it does now, but for the potential I see that this is the Windows blogging client that will rise above the rest.

What I really want to see in version 2:

  1. Append year/month to the image path
  2. Technorati tags (I’m adding them manually in code in the meantime)
  3. Auto-fill links from the clipboard

That’s not too much to ask, is it Dmitry?

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