A dream realized: Billy Joel!

I have a great hubby.

He knows that one of the first record albums I ever bought with my own money was Billy Joel’s The Stranger. I think I was 11 years old.

I’ve always liked Billy Joel. I’m one of those people that can identify a song in the first 3 seconds of listening. My favorite album back then was The Nylon Curtain. I think I actually wore out the cassette in high school. I’ve never seen him perform live. In the past, by the time I thought about getting tickets, it was sold out or financially way out of my reach.

A few years ago, Eric and I saw Movin’ Out on Broadway for my birthday. It was a good show, with all the songs I remember and love (except for the Uptown Girl I’m-in-love-with-Christie-Brinkley phase that didn’t totally thrill me). But not the same as a live performance. I thought he was “retired” from doing concerts and making albums. I guess it’s time to pay some bills, so he’s doing another tour in 2006.

Eric and I are seeing Billy Joel in Philadelphia on March 20! He reserved the tickets through a link from Working Advantage, an employee discount program at his new job. They’re club box seats, so not cheap but it includes buffet dinner & drinks. Cheapest tickets I can find through Ticketmaster and other sources are about as far away from the stage as you can get and still be in the same building for $75 a pop. So club box it is. I figure it’s worth it for a concert I’ve been dreaming to see since I was 11. And who knows, maybe BJ will really retire this time.


One response to “A dream realized: Billy Joel!”

  1. Congratulations! That is a wonderful gift! I was fortunate to see a Billy Joel/Elton John concert from stadium nosebleeds and even that was amazing. It’s nice that you have something to look forward to through the winter!