The Apprentice stands alone

Right at the beginning of tonight’s finale episode of [The Apprentice: Donald,]( Eric turned to me and said, “I bet he’ll hire them both.”

Since it’s only 11:30 pm EST, I’ll do the rest after the fold just in case anyone on the left time zone wants to be surprised…

Okay, so both of them did pretty well. Nice change from previous years in that the finalist got to choose their team instead of behind saddled with the season’s most difficult losers. I bet last year’s Tanna was yelling at the screen over that one, given her badmouthing her “employees” that sunk her. Five academic degrees does not make one an event planner. The reality is that the job that Randall and Rebecca had to do would have been hired out. And they certainly would have had more than a few days to pull it together. It may be entertaining to watch executives face the challenge of serving food at McDonald’s, but in the end how does that show that someone can build an apartment building in Jersey City?

I completely disagreed with George and everyone who gave Rebecca a hard time for not raising money. Yahoo sponsored that event. *They* were the client. If they were event planners hired for the job and being paid to put on the show, it would have been completely inappropriate for them to go against the client’s wishes. Rebecca’s hands were tied with the fundraising. The best she could have done was made a bigger deal about the piece of paper in the goodie bags. Attacking her for not raising money at the event was nit picking to add drama to the boardroom. The person who should have been fired was the Yahoo exec. who told them not to solicit from their VIPs and employees. If it’s a fundraiser, it’s a fundraiser. If it’s an employee party, then why bother with the sob story? Flawed from the start to make watchable television.

Now, what about that ending? Trump hires Randall, then calls him back to the table and makes it very clear that he wants to offer Rebecca a job too. He asks Randall whether Rebecca should be hired too, and Randall says quite emphatically, “No. There is one apprentice. And that’s Me! Me! Me!” Well, he didn’t put it that way…but that’s how it came out.

Was that completely unplanned and unscripted? Likely not. I have a feeling that both were prepped on the choice of jobs *and* both were asked something along the lines of, “if you were hired, would you support the other candidate being hired too?” Trump may not have known their answer, but Randall was too quick with his. No hesitation. On the one hand, I can see his point. He won the contest and a tie at the end cheapens his success. He doesn’t strike me as the kind of person who takes a tie or 2nd place easily. However, I’m sure every interview will focus on that moment, so he’s sharing his spotlight with her no matter what.

I’m not too worried about Rebecca. She’s 23 years old for goodness sake, why should she settle for sloppy seconds? She’ll be fine, and she’ll probably do better for herself in another job than she would building a housing project in Jersey City.


3 responses to “The Apprentice stands alone”

  1. Good morning,

    As an added insight, Randall started his superior education at Hightstown High School (of the East Windsor Regional School District) just down the road from your new digs…where they were going to do a live shot last night, before the inclement weather became an issue.

    Hope all is well with you and the family…

  2. Bruce!

    I knew Randall was a Jersey boy but I had no idea that he got his education start here. After living here for 4 months and seeing how my kids are doing in school, I’m not surprised.

    For anyone else reading this…Bruce is the realtor that sold us our new home…highly recommend if you’re considering moving to the area. 🙂

  3. QotD: Apprentice

    Question: Imagine you’d just beat a very, very competitive player named Rebecca on The Apprentice and won the job. Then Donald asks you “should I also hire Rebecca?” What would your answer be? My Answer: If I had 30 seconds…