Feedburner adds web services

I really like Feedburner. Not only can I see how my feeds are doing, but with a click I can change them. No rebuilding or code to muss with.

Feedburner just added a bunch of web services that when enabled, are automatically and instantly added to the feed.


Most of the time, you’re only going to see “Add to del.icio.us” on mine. But if by some miracle the entry is linked on [Technorati](http://www.technorati.com) or someone does add the entry to del.icio.us you’ll see that too. The interesting part of this is as [Michael Arrington](http://www.techcrunch.com/2005/12/13/feedburner-integrates-web-services-into-feeds/) says:

…FeedBurner is opening up the API and allowing anyone to build in their own services. Del.icio.us competitors, for example, can build their own version of this and promote it to publishers. Or entirely different types of applications can be built.

If it worked for del.icio.us, why not? [Del.icio.us](http://del.icio.us.com) didn’t become the geek’s darling because of it’s flashy interface. It took off because of the API. The more people used it *with applications and processes they were already comfortable* the more people used it. Well-written applications with open APIs feed themselves, no pun intended. You may not have time, interest or energy to get your product to work within Firefox or Outlook of FeedDemon (the top 3 applications that I have open all the time on my PC) but if someone else can use your API to build something that makes your product fit into my routine, I have a much better chance of using your application.