As I mentioned in the last post, I decided to try [Post2blog](, another new-ish Windows blogging client.


* Some nice touches… keyword-based snippets (for text you type over and over again), technorati tags
* Only $14.95 (Blogjet wants $39.95)


* I’m writing this from within Firefox. Post2blog locked up while editing a longer entry on this subject.
* Clunky interface. Seems like the developer spent more time worrying about skins than making the default interface usable:


* Installation needs polish. Look at this error message. “Click back and make sure…” Um, sure, but where’s the “back” button in this dialog?

* Snippet feature is interesting, but when I was posting I typed “Post2blog” and it automatically added the link and appended “handy desktop blog client” or something like that on the end. Found that a little rude. Maybe if I develop an application I’ll have it append “Goddess of all things” every time the user typed “Judi”. I went to remove the snippet and got this:


* I changed the font in the editing window and it added `` tags to the HTML. Font tags?!?! Why doesn’t it just throw everything in a table while it’s at it. No self-respecting blog client in the web 2.0 age should be going anywhere near font tags. `

text here

` I can buy. But `

text here

`??? No way. Out of curiosity, I just went to Mac OS X [ecto](, switched to the Rich Text editor (which I never use), typed “text here” and changed the font to Garamond. I switched over to HTML and I see: `

text here

`. Hello? What is so diffiicult about that?
* No way of setting an upload path on images. Like Blogjet, it probably just dumps images in the default blog folder. ecto Mac lets me set a default path in the image editor window and save it as a preset. When posting from within a browser, I have a great MT plugin called [Better File Uploader]( which configures the default “Upload File” to do exactly what I want it to do.

At this point, I should just give up on finding a client and work on making the web browser interface better. All I have to do is find something that let’s me preview a post in a separate window from the entry. Maybe a better way to retain and add technorati tags.

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One response to “Post2blog”

  1. Judi, thanks for the review of Post2Blog! Will work under described issues and will change “Post2Blog” quick snippet into more suitable sample text. Hope later you will check Post2Blog again. Current version is still in Beta.