Man the battle stations, Dreamhost under attack!

Dreamhost has been fighting DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks all day. A DDoS attack is where a server is so flooded with meaningless traffic that it can’t do anything.

Think of a child pulling at your elbow, “Mom! Mom! Mom!” nonstop and if you don’t know any better you answer, “What? What? What?” every time. How much are you going to get done besides answering “What?” continuously. Not much.

My website appears to be up now, but it was offline for quite some time earlier. C3 is back up too. Right now I’m having trouble with email. It’s hit or miss.

Can’t really blame Dreamhost for this. They’re big enough to be a target and the attack takes a lot of really good sites offline, but they’re too small to really fight back and stay online the way Google or eBay probably could.

At least the Dreamhost folks have been keeping their blog and emergency status pages semi up-to-date.