Apple Store doesn't have any 5G iPod cases?

At least the one I went to at Menlo Park Mall didn’t. I went there hoping to find something, anything, to do a better job protecting my iPod video. But no. Lots of iPod Shuffle and Nano accessories and do dads. Not a single one for the 5G iPod. These things were shipping at the end of October. What are they waiting for? I asked a sales person and she told me that they get the Belkin Kickstand in from time to time, but then only a few and they sell out in an hour. Ya think?

It seems that when every other iPod came out the 3rd party market was seconds behind with lanyards, cases, clips, you name it. What is taking so long for the video version?

I did pick up a new pair of headphones that the sales guy promised would be more comfortable than the standard earbuds, so the trip wasn’t a total loss.


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