Applesauce Polish

I still love my 5th generation iPod video. But from personal experience, I can say that the criticisms against Apple for how scratch-prone these things can be is right on the money. I knew full well to be extra careful with my iPod. When I handle it, I’m very careful not to let anything bump up against the screen side. Nonetheless, it already has a noticeable scratch. How did it happen? As cases designed for the 5G iPods are still hard to find in local stores, I picked up a generic MP3 case. It’s zippered, with an outside pocket to hold the headphones. Once, when I was taking the iPod out the teeth of the zipper rubbed up lightly against the screen. Gently, but that’s all it took. When light hits in a certain way, I can see a faint line down the center of the screen. Bummer. I’ve heard the rumors that the Apple Store is being generous regarding returns/exchanges due to scratches, but it’s not bad enough to warrant the 40 minute drive to the store and starting over with a new unit. Annoying, not fatal.

This afternoon I stopped by our local [CompUSA]( while running errands. I was hoping to either pick up a suitable 5G case (nope, none to be had) or something that would buff out the scratch. This CompUSA has a full time Apple consultant (he doesn’t work directly for Apple, but Apple pays him to hang out in CompUSA and sell/demonstrate their stuff). Figuring I had nothing to lose, I showed him my scratched iPod and asked for advice.

The guy was sympathetic, but CompUSA didn’t sell anything that helped. He mentioned that there’s this stuff called [Applesauce Polish]( that I should try. I asked some questions about it, and then he whispered, “I have some in the back…wanna try it now?” “Um, sure.” He went to the back of the store and came back with a cloth and two little bottles. He told me that he bought it a while ago and it seemed to work well on display iPods that get banged from handling. He handed me the product and said that he didn’t want to take any responsibility if it didn’t work or made things worse, but I was welcome to read the instructions and give it a go there in the store on my own.


It’s pretty simple. Just a drop of the polish on the cloth and some steady pressure in a single direction. Turn to a clean spot on the cloth and swipe at 90 degrees. Repeat until smooth. It worked! The scratch is still there, barely. You have to know where to look and squint to see it. I came home, visited the [website]( and ordered the $19.95 kit. One more application and the scratch should be completely gone. It even smells pretty good (like apples, of course).

As far as cases go, this is exactly what I want:

Std1 F8Z069

[Belkin Flip Case for 5G iPod](

>This innovative Case for the stunning new 5G iPod helps you get the most from this new music and video marvel. The Case offers a snug fit with premiere quality leather construction to protect your iPod as you take it with you on the move. **Built-in cable management ensures easy access and quick storage-when you need it.** All Belkin iPod accessories come with an unbeatable lifetime warranty to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Yah! A case that actually thinks about what you’re going to do with all that cord when you’re not listening to something. Now just to find it:

> Due to the overwhelming popularity of this product, we are temporarily out of stock. Please check back soon.

I can’t find a single online retailer that has it in stock.



3 responses to “Applesauce Polish”

  1. I think a large part of the issue is perception: black shows scratches more easily than white.

    The screen is the screen. They’re using the same ones they have been for awhile. The scratch issue, IIRC, has more to do with the black parts of the iPod, not the screen.

  2. Hi Judi,
    I know I haven’t posted for quite some time but I know you can tell I visit!! Which is quite regular as you always have great info for non-profits and macs. Call me the lerker ;-0.
    Anyways…did the Applesauce work for a long period of time or only fill in the scratches like epoxy does for a short period of time?
    I have tried so hard {with my ipod} to be careful but sure enough opened it the other day and had a melt down from the HUGE scratch by the track circle. :-(.
    Take care!!

  3. Erik, I’m not sure if that’s true. Most of the images that I’ve seen of over-scratched iPods have been focused on the screen. I don’t care as much about scratches on the black parts, although I would prefer they didn’t scratch at all.

    Vicki, I only applied the Applesauce yesterday so I can’t tell you how long it lasts. It certainly still looks good today. 🙂