I haven’t yet figured out if [this]( is a good thing or not. But for now, I’m going to assume that this is a positive step…

[Yahoo]( bought Joshua Schachter’s []( It took me a while to get on the bandwagon, but once I did there’s been no turning back. The only bookmarks I keep locally are the ones I access all day long…blog entry pages, Dreamhost control panel, C3’s intranet, etc. Everything else is on I love that I can search for a page knowing that I tagged it a while back, and then I’ll see under the page I’m looking for in my collection what other people tagged using the same terms and quite often, it’s a better fit for what I was looking for than the page I originally tagged.

The good news is that there’s no worries about falling off the face of the earth. Yahoo has a good reputation for buying these technologies and nurturing them for what they are and what made them worthy to buy, not killing or assimilating them with a ton of mother-ship branding. [Flickr]( is still Flickr. [Konfabulator]( is still Konfabulator.

I wonder what will happen with Yahoo’s [My Web 2.0 Beta]( I looked at it a few weeks ago and found it not nearly as usable as Maybe the Yahoo folks came to the same conclusion.


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