Adobemedia bundle

adobemacromedia.jpgFor a mere $1,899 ($899 upgrade) you can now get the [full versions of all the Adobe CS 2 applications and all the Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Studio 8 applications]( If they could do this, why oh why can’t they come out with a multi-platform version? By that I mean one that allows you to install on a Mac desktop and PC laptop or visa versa…all applications already allow two installations, they just have to be on the same platform for no good reason.


2 responses to “Adobemedia bundle”

  1. I to have always wondered why it wasn’t cross platform. I mean, you already dished out over $1,000 (depending on what you purchased) so why can’t you just be able to use the package on Windows AND Mac!

    This right here is one of the only reasons why I havn’t switched to Mac (Yes, I’m one of the many Windows users getting tired of all the security issues and having to patch Windows every other day just to be safe).