Disappointment sucks when you're 9

Remember that car ad where the kids wake up and there’s a blizzard outside. “No school! No school!” they shout as they jump on the bed. Dad pokes his head in? “Ten minutes kids” and the next scene is the kids in their Dad’s 4-wheel drive heading for school completely bummed.

We had that scene here this morning. [Eric](http://www.9to5andotherwise.com) beat me to it and [blogged](http://www.9to5andotherwise.com/lifeoverip/archives/2005/12/habits_are_hard.php) about it so I’ll just be lazy and repeat what he said:

>Back in CT, snow on the ground in the morning meant no school. Boy, were they disappointed when I told them that Hebrew school was not cancelled. Laini was near tears.

>Adversity is good for the soul.

>You know what happens when you assume…