ecto: Smart quotes vs. Textile

I recently started using the [Textile]( text) formatting plug-in again. I switch back and forth between Textile and [Markdown]( depending on what client I’m using, how much formatting a post needs, or even just my mood at the time. Even though [ecto]( has a built-in rich text editor, I prefer working in HTML mode using formatting plug-ins to speed entry.

I found a little bug which I’ll also report directly to the developers.

Alongside your entry area, ecto has a little section for setting the formatting options. You can also tell ecto to “smarten” the quotes which turns plain quotes into curly quotes. The problem is if the “Smarten” box is clicked while “Textile 2” is the Format of choice, as shown:


In Textile formatting, you would show a link as:

“This is the text”:

While composing, the preview looks just fine and converts the text to the link. But as soon as you publish, the Smartened quotes kick in and the quotes surrounding “This is the text” are no longer recognized as plain quotes and you end up with raw Textile coding being published. In order to fix, I have to open the entry and find/replace the curlied quotes back to plain ones. I have Markdown/Smart quotes as my default formatting mode, so even if I manually change to Textile 2 and uncheck the Smarten box, the next time I open the entry the smarten box is checked again.

ecto should probably either automatically uncheck the “Smarten” box when Textile 2 formatting is selected, or recognize when the quote is for a link and not smarten them.

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