Cingular to become at&t? Yuck.

Looks like [Cingular]( will be [rebranding as AT&T, I mean at&t]( in the near future.

I’m not saying yuck to the company…I’m saying yuck to the new logo.

As a current Cingular customer, I’m going to have to look at this soon? May be enough to finally get me to switch to Verizon, rollover minutes and fast forward cradle be damned:


I can’t even begin to describe how much I dislike that logo. This line from the *USA Today* article is telling:

>”We agonized over the letters,” says Whitacre, who made the final call on the name and the logo.

Well, there you go.

**Judi’s Graphic Design Rule #1: If you have to fight it, it’s wrong. Step away and move in another direction.**

When my decisions have been right, *they just work.* They’re easy. Ideas and type relationships and styles just seem to flow out of the center. Without question, when I’ve “agonized” over a project trying to get just that right typeface or just the right color that would pull it all together, the problem was never the typeface or the color. **It was the whole direction.**

Do the lowercase sans serif type under the graphic (or not…it’s soooooo overdone). Do the 3-D’ified beach ball (are you selling technology or Fisher Price toys…a little hard to tell). Don’t do both. You’re trying way too hard and it shows.


6 responses to “Cingular to become at&t? Yuck.”

  1. I think Cingular’s logo says “tech” to me far more than at&t’s new one does, yes.

    The old AT&T logo was fine. It’s the “updating” of it that bothers me. I like when a logo shows depth and texture by using negative space effectively. The new logo, with a fully realized beach ball takes out everything that was interesting about the logo and now it’s just a blue & white ball.

  2. Yeah, something like that. It appears that Cingular is keeping Cingular for the wireless business and using at&t for everything else.

  3. No no no no. That’s not what’s happening. Cingular bought AT&T Wireless, a very separate company from AT&T. Then recently, SBC Global bought AT&T. That’s what’s reflected in the new logo. Cingular has nothing to do with this new logo.