Guess where I'll be tomorrow night?

Let’s see:

* Going to Mom’s house for Thanksgiving? (read: cheap babysitter) *check!*
* Will be there Wednesday night? (read: cheap babysitter) *check!*
* [**Rent: The Movie**]( opening on said Wednesday? *check!*
* Playing at a theatre near cheap babysitter, I mean Mom’s house? *check!*
* [Advanced tickets purchased?]( ***check!***

I’m not expecting it to be as good as the stage show… I’ve lost count as to how many times I’ve played the soundtrack (literally, since I reformat my hard drive and reset all my play counts in iTunes) and I want to see it before the inevitable bad reviews cloud my judgement.

How do I know it will get bad reviews? The trailers I saw today showed raves from “Dark Horizons.” 3 or 4 “INCREDIBLE” “GREAT” or “WOW” text screens…all attributed to “Dark Horizons.” What is “Dark Horizons”? I have no idea, it’s probably [this site]( Movies that get great reviews have trailers that feature quotes from Roger Ebert, *Newsday* or *The New York Times.* If they feature 3 critic quotes, it’s from 3 different sources. Holiday movies that will be out of theatres before Auld Lang Syne feature critic quotes from *Joe Nobody’s Great Movie Blog* and *The Really Smalltown Newspaper No One Ever Heard of So They Won’t Read The Entire Review and Figure Out We’re Taking the Rave Out of Context and We Didn’t Like it Either.*

For one night, I don’t care. I’m going in just hoping that it’s better than *A Chorus Line* ::shudder:: that one was really **bad**…look up “How to kill a very good Broadway show” in the dictionary and you’ll see Michael Douglas and Richard Attenborough. I hope this movie leaves the script where it is…set in the mid-to-late 90s, rather than trying to update it to make it more relevant to today’s audiences.

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