You know you're living in suburbia when…

You leave the supermarket and head for your 2005 dark grey/green Honda Odyssey. You push the “unlock” button on your keychain and pull at the door. It won’t open. You push the button again. Still won’t open. You try the key in the door and it doesn’t fit. And then it hits you…

*This isn’t your car.*

You look inside and see books and toys that you don’t recognize. In a panic, you step away from the minivan praying that the vehicle’s owner didn’t see what just happened. You hope that if they did, they’ll understand because the same thing happened to them.

Then you remember where your car is and you go there, passing at least 3 similar vehicles on the way. It’s sad because this is the second time you’ve done this. From now on, you only identify your van by the license plate.

Pulling into the school parking lot for a parent event feels like I’m going to a Honda Odyssey owner’s reunion.

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3 responses to “You know you're living in suburbia when…”

  1. Eric,

    Great minds think alike. It’s one of the things I love about my Aztek – it’s easy to find in the parking lot.

    Truth be told, I don’t think it’s about the model, per se, as much as it is about minivans basically all looking the same. Sure, a Dodge Caravan looks kind of difference from a Ford Freestar, but not enough until you get pretty close. One thing that kind of sets our Odyssey apart from other minivans is the chrome trim – but even that is new to the ’05 model. I don’t think you have that problem with other types of cars, even SUVs.