Just because you're oh-so "Web 2.0" doesn't automatically mean I'm gonna sign up

I admit it. I like the whole social networking tag-until-you-drop thing that’s happening. I like applications that rely on the browser as a platform instead of the operating system. I like not worrying about how I’m going to categorize something, instead thinking “when I want to get this back later what keywords will I use?” It makes sense to me.

But what I’m getting tired of is reading about a new “Web 2.0” company at [TechCrunch](http://www.techcrunch.com) and then going to the site and getting nothing to go on before signing up aside from the company’s good intentions.

Case in point: Today TechCrunch [profiles](http://www.techcrunch.com/2005/11/11/a-profile-of-tagworld/) [TagWorld](http://www.tagworld.com). The description sounds interesting, but the only way I can learn more about the service is to sign up? I don’t think so. Despite evidence to the contrary, I don’t throw away my time or my email address easily. If I’m going to think of a password and let you count me as a member I want to know what I’m getting in to.

Example of the correct way to set up a site: [JotSpot](http://www.jotspot.com). An [introduction tour](http://www.jot.com/tours/intro/1.php), [screen capture videos](http://www.jot.com/video/), [ways to use the program](http://www.jot.com/uses/), [screen shots galore](http://www.jot.com/compare/). Mind you, TagWorld is free and JotSpot isn’t. But giving it away is not an excuse for doing it lazy. [Writely](http://www.writely.com/Default.aspx) is free and they take the effort to [preview](http://www.writely.com/BasePage.aspx?action=tour) what you’d get when you sign up. TagWorld appears to be similar to [MySpace](http://www.myspace.com) which, you guessed it, gives you a [tour](http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/misc/tour_1.html) of the interface before asking you to sign up.

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2 responses to “Just because you're oh-so "Web 2.0" doesn't automatically mean I'm gonna sign up”

  1. I totally agree with you:
    they just don’t get that people pay by putting in information, and the site needs to be transparent to visitors who check this information. They just don’t get it!

    Too bad, I was looking forward to leave Flickr (Yahoo!) for a smaller company but obviously I will have to keep on waiting.


  2. We agree and it’s on the way. We just launched this week and we still have a lot of work to do. Check back soon … or better yet just sign up 😉