I survived a slashdotting

aka “yo sobrevivir uno slashdotting”

Okay, not really. But sorta…I got linked by the [Spanish version of Slashdot](http://barrapunto.com/es/05/11/10/112223.shtml).

> pobrecito hablador nos cuenta: «Leo en BandaAncha.st, que a su vez cita a Escolar.net sobre las sospechas de plagio en el diseño del logo del nuevo canal de televisión Cuatro. Podéis comparar el logo de Cuatro con este logo japonés. Además, los internautas dicen que los comentarios al respecto en el blog de Cuatro son censurados.» No entro ni salgo en el posible plagio, porque no sé si el estudio de diseño que hizo este logo conocía el logo japonés anterior. Lo que sí puedo decir es que el espacio combinatorio de los posibles logos está casi agotado, la originalidad es difícil, si no imposible: hay sitios especializados sobre logos copiados, historias de **diseñadores que han visto cómo otros se les habían adelantado,** y aun así sigue habiendo logos repetidos. Actualización: Tengo que citar esta línea de la noticia de Escolar, en la que no había reparado: Desde los comentarios apuntan muchas más fuentes de inspiración.. Sus ejemplos son muy buenos, y tanto los suyos como los míos, como los que habéis puesto en los comentarios abundan en la misma dirección: esto pasa todo el rato, y ni es plagio ni es para tanto.

The bold part links to [this page](http://www.momathome.com/viewfromhome/2005/09/quark_oopsie.php) on my site where I talked about Quark’s logo and how easy it is to duplicate another logo without trying.

Roughly translated by [Bablefish](http://babelfish.altavista.com/), it says:

>talkative pobrecito tells us: “I read in BandaAncha.st, that mentions as well to Escolar.net on the suspicions of plagiarism in the design of the logo of the new television channel Four. You can compare the logo of Four with this Japanese logo. In addition, the internauts say that the commentaries on the matter in blog of Four are censured.” I do not enter nor I leave in the possible plagiarism, because I do not know if the design study that made east logo knew previous the logo Japanese. What yes I can say is that the space combinatorio of possible logos almost is exhausted, the originality is difficult, if nonimpossible: there are sites specialized on copied logos, histories of **designers who have seen how others had gone ahead to them,** and even so continues being repeated logos. Update: I must mention this line of the news of Student, in whom it had not repaired: From the commentaries more sources of inspiration point many.. Their examples are very good, and as much his as mine, like whom you have put in the commentaries abound in the same direction: this spends all the short while, and neither is plagiarism nor is for as much.

It’s kinda fun to log in to your [site tracking control panel](http://www.opentracker.net) and see that spike, albeit a temporary one. Nowhere near what I would have had if the English [Slashdot](http://www.slashdot.com) had come a knockin’, but cool nonetheless considering most of those visitors didn’t have a clue what I was saying.

For fun, I took a paragraph from that entry:

>So was it reasonable that Quark’s independent design ended up at the exact same place as the Scottish Arts logo? I’m not sure. The logo does “feel” more like a Q than anything having to do with Scottish Arts. Also, had our PR firm found a similar logo in a completely different industry we might have moved forward with the original logo anyway. We changed it because the similar logo was from another health-related organization. It was a stressful few hours, days before our printed materials were due to go out the door. I think we ended up with a better logo, so it all worked out in the long run. Design is a process.

Translated it into Spanish in Babelfish:

>¿_ tan ser él razonable que Quark’s independiente diseñar ended para arriba en exacto mismo lugar como escocés arte insignia? _ yo ser no seguro. _ insignia “sentir” más como uno q que cualquier cosa tener que con escocés arte. _ también, tener nuestro banda firme encontrar uno similar insignia en uno completo diferente industria nosotros poder tener mover delantero con original insignia de todos modos. _ nosotros cambiar él porque similar insignia ser otro relativo a la salud organización. _ él ser uno agotador poco hora, día antes nuestro printed material ser debido salir puerta. _ yo pensar nosotros ended para arriba con uno mejor insignia, tan él todo resolver en largo funcionar. _ diseñar ser uno proceso. _

And then back to English:

>_ so to be reasonable he that independent Quark’s to design ended for in above exact same place like Scottish art standard? _ I to be nonsafe _ standard “to feel more” like one q than any thing to also have with Scottish art _, to have our band signs to find one similar standard in one complete different industry we to be able to have to move forward with original standard of all ways _ we to change he because similar standard to be another relative to the health organization _ he to be one exhausting little hour, day before material ours printed to have to leave door _ I to think we ended for above with one better standard, so he everything to solve in length to work _ to design to be one process _

Yikes. On the other hand, more folks who speak Spanish can also read a English page than can go visa versa. But that’s another blog entry.

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