Microsoft's wishful thinking

This is the window you get in [MSNBC]( if you try and watch the video using anything but Internet Explorer 6 (click to enlarge):

>To use MSN Video, you need to install free software

>MSN Video works with Microsoft© Internet Explorer 6, Microsoft© Media Player 10, and Macromedia Flash 7. To download these free software applications, click the links below and follow the on-screen instructions.

>Step 1: Download Microsoft© Internet Explorer 6
>Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 is free to download

>Once the installations are complete, reload this page.

I see this message all the time on sites that assume I accidentally forgot to be running IE 6. How many people get this window because they were living under a rock somewhere and neglected to get that free download? How long has IE 6 been out now? Years? News flash to MSNBC and any other site that gives me a link to go and download IE 6…**I’m not running IE 6 because I *chose* not to.** Tell me that whatever I’m doing requires me to get out of whatever browser I’m in and open the page in IE 6 if I really want that content. Fine. But to assume that anyone nowadays needs instructions on how to get IE 6 is such a joke.


2 responses to “Microsoft's wishful thinking”

  1. You’d think they could even register a protocol like: “internet-explorer://url” that would launch IE 6 for the user and take them to the proper page. Then they could link it with “click here to open this in IE 6” or whatever.

    I’m only surprised that you’re still surprised Microsoft is dumb. 🙂