Attention Windows folks: You lost your last excuse

…to switch to Fiefox, that is.

I know, believe me, the main reason to stick with Internet Explorer is that site (or two or three) you have to use which requires it. But guess what? You can run all those websites from right within Firefox!! Now mind you, everything that makes Internet Explorer unsafe (ActiveX controls and the like) is still there when you’re loading that IE page. But all the rest of the browsing you do will be so much better…and safer.

First thing you need to do is get Firefox. Here’s a convenient button to do so (if you don’t want to use a referral link [get it here instead](

When it installs, go [here to get the IE Tab exension](

This extension gives you a contextual menu option on every page which loads that page in a Firefox tab **as if you were running IE**. It works beautifully. I have 6 websites that I use for work on a regular basis that must be in IE. Each works perfectly in Firefox using this extension. Better, you can tell it to always load certain sites in IE Tab.

Would be nice if there was something similar on the Mac side that let you run Firefox or IE from within Safari.

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