iTunes 6: wish list

Well, not quite a list regarding [iTunes 6](

Play a podcast, it gets to the end, it stops and waits for your next command. I would love a “Play all unplayed” command which would just go through and play my unheard podcasts, one after another. A few of them, particularly those by [CBS]( and [CNN]( and [Disney]( are updated frequently but are like a minute or two long and it’s a pain to continually go back to iTunes to play the next one. Same thing when I’m listening from my iPod. On the train yesterday, I switched to listening to music for a while just so I could tuck the device in my bag and close my eyes while I listened.

I know there are applications that do a better job of fetching podcasts than iTunes does…but are there any that use the iTunes library but make *listening* easier? I didn’t see anything on [Versiontracker](

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2 responses to “iTunes 6: wish list”

  1. Just put them in a playlist of your own choosing. Mine blows through video podcasts, regular podcasts, and songs that way. I have a playlist that shows me any unrated OR unplayed songs, so they pop into there.

  2. True, but I’d rather play it in the Podcast list without creating a new playlist. Plus, there are times that I manually mark a podcast as played because for whatever reason, I don’t want to listen to it but will stay subscribed (for Podcasts that report on a different topic every week, for example).

    In a smart playlist set to find all genre = “podcast” and play count = “0” these podcasts are showing up.

    I just want to play everything in a row that has a blue dot by it…doesn’t seem like much to ask.