Daylight savings in the digital age

[Cory Doctorow from Boing Boing:](

>Dayllight Savings ends today — you get an extra hour of sleep but you need to remember to roll your clocks back by an hour. It’s cool how many more of my clocks do this automatically with each passing year.

I was just saying this to Eric. Now I get to add my car to the list…my Honda Odyssey sets it clock through the GPS. This morning, the only clocks I had to set back manually were:

* Alarm clock next to the bed
* Stove/microwave
* The clock display in our 4 Vtech phone handsets scattered throughout the house

That’s it. Even my iPod was smart enough to make the switch on its own. I stopped wearing a wrist watch years ago. I found that between my cell phone, PDA, car, computer(s) and kitchen stove the last place I needed to look to tell the time was my wrist.

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