Look at me ma! I'm doing the blogging thing! Not.

From Buzzmachine: “Mr. Blogger”

>As promised, Dennis Hastert has started his blog.

>>Most of you know me as a coach by nature so I hope this gives you some inside access to the Republican playbook.
>>The internet is changing the way we share information. My office has been talking a lot about some of the conversations going on in blogosphere. So I thought, hey, I should start one and give you unfiltered updates on Capitol Hill.

>So the man two heartbeats away from the Presidency is blogging.

No, the man two heartbeats away from the Presidency is using blog tools as a political/marketing vehicle. I don’t call that a blog. There’s no way to leave comments or feedback (that I can find). He might as well say that he’s doing a live town hall meeting, but no one is allowed to raise their hand and ask a question. Heck, his “blog” is the equivalent of him standing in a room by himself while his carefully chosen remarks are broadcast to people standing outside. [His second entry](http://www.speaker.gov/journal/051028_economic_activity_jumps.shtml) takes a news article where the man himself is quoted for goodness sake (that’s fair and balanced for you) and uses it to show the world that things aren’t so bad. Give me a break! I’m not saying the report isn’t true, but have the guts [to quote someone other than yourself.](http://news.google.com/news?q=economy+hurricane&hl=en&lr=&rls=GGGL,GGGL:2005-09,GGGL:en&sa=N&tab=nn&oi=newsr).

What is the difference between that fluff writing and one of the press releases on his website with the same content? Putting up a page written casually in the first person is not blogging. Allow comments (good, bad & ugly as long as they’re not flames or threats…”real” bloggers know the difference and can moderate their blogs yet allow open dialogue and yes, even criticism), allow pings (easier to moderate than comments)…if that gets out of control at the very least have an RSS feed…then come and tell me that you’re “blogging.”

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