Here’s something I do like…


I had been using [Google/ig]( as my personalized home page. Now it’s [Netvibes]( (screen shot is intentionally a little blurred):


Here’s what I like:

* Can display *multiple* Gmail accounts. Google’s personalized page couldn’t do this, since the page was tied to a single Google/Gmail account. I have my main gmail address that I use for mailing lists, plus I forward my work and personal email to separate gmail addresses for checking remotely. With Netvibes, I can see the latest messages on all accounts from any computer without going to Outlook. Handy. Plus, by using Gmail as the go-between, I have less concerns about privacy. If the folks at Netvibes turn evil and anyone gets to my email, I simply cancel forwarding to Gmail keeping the original email account separate and secure (well, as secure as anything can be nowadays).

* Pretty weather.

* Very customizable. Drag & drop easy like a good Ajax web application should be. I didn’t like how the built-in bookmark module worked, so I simply added the RSS for my own []( feed. I’m trying to use more and local bookmarks less. [Foxylicious]( helps. It may not be as pretty as [Blinklist]( but it’s faster and works better across platforms (Blinklist has problems with Mac browsers, which they already know about).

* [Writely]( integration. We’re giving Writely a try at [C3]( I’ll write more about that service in a separate entry.

In short, Netvibes looks to have the potential to be a decent Web 2.0/Web applications portal. If it can generate a RSS feed, you can have it front and center.

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2 responses to “NetVibes”

  1. Works just fine in Firefox, Jeffrey. Sorry, didn’t even check about Safari…I can’t remember the last time I used Safari for more than 5 minutes. I do everything on both platforms in Firefox.