MyPIMP and other useless things


>MyPIMP is an online personal information manager (PIM).

>Online calendar and todo list – never forget where you need to be or what you have to do

>Alerts – be reminded of important events via alerts sent directly to your cell phone or email

>Group calendars – join a group for your classes at school or create a group for a club, project team, or group of friends

>Address book – link up with friends and colleagues so you always have each other’s contact information

>Free – take advantage of our hundreds of hours of hard work!

From their [mailing list](

>**Question:** Are there any plans to implement a synchronization feature with other
calendar programs/services, specifically Outlook?

>**Answer:** …after our next release we’ll continue work on
Outlook and importing/exporting to other formats. Our next release will
include iCal support however.

::sigh:: It’s a YAWAT-TAISY: Yet Another Web Application Thingy-That Assumes I Started Yesterday.

Web 2.0 is the new black. I love that. I love the idea of using a clean, beautiful web interface to keep the details of my life organized. I love that the browser is a platform so it only matters whether or not I’m using Firefox, not whether or not I’m running OS X or Windows XP.

But I’m getting really tired of these Web 2.0 wannabe services launching to great fanfare and the only way to use the service is to start from scratch. Do these folks think I wrote notes on my hand before they came along?

I tried [Remember the Milk]( for a week and found it to have great potential but seriously lacking. I decided to go back to using Outlook to manage tasks, as much as I dislike it (I love Outlook for appointments/events, just not tasks/to-dos). I had to manually move the tasks back (after manually putting them there in the first place).

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3 responses to “MyPIMP and other useless things”

  1. What did you dislike about Remember the Milk? I just discovered it last week and was about to dump my to-do lists into it….

  2. Hi Ellen, it has potential…it just needs a little more time to cook.

    1. When you send a task to it via email, you can’t designate the category that it will go into. It just dumps into your “Inbox” where you have to go sort it out into the appropriate category.

    2. In “overview” mode (where you can see everything across all tasks) you can’t click on a task to mark it as complete. To mark it, you have to go fishing through categories to find the task and mark it there.

    I gave them feedback on both issues and was promised it was something they were working on. But in the meantime, I have to get stuff done and I found that it was much better than Ta-Da, but not enough yet to replace Outlook.

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