Ouidad again – at last!

Over two years ago, I [blogged](http://www.momathome.com/viewfromhome/2003/07/ouidad.php) about a haircare line and cutting technique for curly hair called [Ouidad](http://www.ouidad.com). For a while there, my bathroom looked like an advertisement for the company. Everything that went on my head came from that company. My mop was under control.

Unfortunately, when Eric lost his job in the summer of 2004 I stopped ordering the products. It’s not cheap. I saved some money by purchasing direct from the company instead of through a salon, but still…8 oz. of shampoo for $10 is hard to justify when the money is not coming in.

I thought I could “make do” with cheaper stuff. I went through more brands that I can count…and now my bathroom looks more like a product testing line than an advertisement. And my hair feels like straw.

Now that we’re back on our feet a bit, I’m back on the hard stuff. Honestly, keeping my head from looking like I stuck a finger in a light socket is the one thing I’ve ever done to pamper myself and I want it back. I ordered [Deep Treatment](http://www.ouidad.com/product.asp?dept_level=2&p_id=P0510B), [Curl Quencher shampoo & conditioner](http://www.ouidad.com/product.asp?dept_level=2&p_id=93008), and [the 33 oz. “pro” size of Climate Control gel](http://www.ouidad.com/product.asp?dept_level=2&p_id=90900) (I go through that stuff like crazy). Total: $145. I got the UPS shipment notification a while ago and it’s due tomorrow. I can’t believe I’m nearly giddy about a delivery of shampoo. I’ll probably have the deep treatment goop on my hair before the UPS guy can get out of my driveway. 🙂

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One response to “Ouidad again – at last!”

  1. Hooray, you. If you discover any magical product line to convert layered mousy yet thick ashy brown hair to mousy thick ashy brown hair growing out those layers without said hair looking like an unkempt disaster, let me know. I’d pay $145 if i had it, but in the meantime, bandannas are free. 😉