Healthline search – definitely beta

[Techcrunch]( [profiles]( a new currently-in-beta health-related search engine, [Healthline](

I spent a good bit of my day now in health-related search engines for one reason or another, seeing what’s going on in the colorectal cancer landscape. Healthline’s got some [pretty good stuff]( using “colorectal cancer” or “colon cancer” as the search term.

Where the “beta” part sneaks in is when I try and find information about the medical condition I’m currently dealing with: sphincter of Oddi dysfunction. The [results]( aren’t quite what I expected:


In a male-dominated Internet, is there any other kind of medical “dysfunction”? Apparently not. 😉

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One response to “Healthline search – definitely beta”

  1. Hey Judi –

    Thanks so much for the feedback! I’m glad we were able to help you with your colon/colorectal cancer search… but as you point out, while we nailed 9 of 10 results on your gallbladder issue, we missed the concept, and that’s not good enough.

    Keep giving us feedback; we’ll keep improving our product!

    (The link in the URL field is from my personal blog; drop by any time if you have comments about Healthline.)

    All the best,
    Tony Gentile