Thanks to a comment in my [Web 2.0 entry]( I’ve been playing with [BlinkList](

What is it? Well, think []( meets [Furl]( meets [Technorati]( You create an account, bring in your bookmarks and links and it’s all there. The big thing about it is the tagging. It’s always about the tagging (so much so, that starting with this entry I’m adding Technorati tags to my posts instead of just categories…it’s time).

What I like about BlinkList:

* tags are automatically guessed on import, based on the title and description of the link. Helpful for bookmarks that you bring in that aren’t automatically tagged.

* pretty interface.

* easy to navigate.

* easy to add pages.

* You can “watch” folks who add links you like. You can share your links with your own “network” (still figuring out what that’s all about or why I should care).

* Some sites have little preview screenshots…haven’t quite figured that out.

* You can export your links in RSS 2.0 format. You can also subscribe to your links so you can load them easily in Firefox or Safari, but that doesn’t seem to be working correctly.

* It seems to deal well with duplicates.

What needs work:

* See above about the RSS feeds.

* I just reported a bit of a bug…let’s say you have a tag called “tips & tricks” which was imported from your Firefox bookmarks. In the left hand column where the list of links are, you click on it and you’re taken to a “can’t find the tag” page. It’s the “&”. You have to manually type it as “tips & tricks”.

* You can’t search on the title of a bookmark, only the tag. So tag carefully if you want to find that link again.

* It seems to have problems with Firefox 1.0.7 on the Mac. Looks better in Safari.

Truth is, there are only 15 or so links that I absolutely have to save locally. The rest, I’m perfectly comfortable with spreading around as I experiment with these different social bookmark managers until I find one that really sticks.

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One response to “Blinklist”

  1. Thanks for your honest and detailed review of BlinkList. We are excited to hear that you are overall very happy with our service and we have noted down all of the bug and usability issues that you have identified.

    We are working hard at making BlinkList better and better. If you come up with new ideas for suggestions and improvements please pass those along.


    PS: Every site will have a preview but our thumbnail engine needs some time to catch up.