Oh now I feel dumb

So I’m [driving myself crazy](http://www.momathome.com/viewfromhome/2005/10/well_that_could_have_gone_bett.php) reinstalling and reconfiguring everything in sight…and the menus were *still* screwed up. Unbelievable. Then, I decide to actually use a brain cell or two…maybe, just maybe, the problem is the mouse?!? I always assume the problem is software…dumb, dumb, dumb. Troubleshooting the mouse should have been early in the process, don’t you think?!?

Sure enough, I swapped the mice on the Mac and the PC and the Mac is behaving perfectly. Plug the mouse that was on the Mac into the PC and it’s dead as a doornail (same exact brand and model mice were on both machines).

So now I’m reinstalling all of my documents from backup and all of my applications from CD **because of a dying mouse.** ARGGGGGGHHHHH. Oh well…good to clear out the junk and test the backup strategy sometimes. Tomorrow it’s off somewhere to buy a new mouse for the PC. Right now I’m using my eensy, weensy travel one that’s about the size of my thumb. I can’t stand the trackpad on this laptop and I’ll only use it when I absolutely have to.


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