Words can’t describe. I’m not even sure I want to try.

I used to live in Georgia. I got out right before Andrew in 1992, but I remember the boarded up windows from other storms. Yesterday, I was listening to CNN on the radio and a reporter was interviewing a man, heavy southern accent, who was on his roof with his wife waiting for rescue. Their house didn’t survive. “It split in half!” the man cried, “I was o’the half of the house that stood. I was holding my wife’s hand and she was on the half that didn’t and she’s gone!” Tore my heart out. How on earth will these people rebuild? Can’t even imagine being in the dark, hot Superdome with the roof raining on you and knowing that you’ll be there for days. When I first read the National Weather Service hurricane warning with words such as “will be destroyed…” I didn’t believe it. Weather forecasts are usually not that definitive…and bleak. I thought it was a joke. Along the lines of what you’d do in a nuclear attack: Get under your desk, put your head between your knees…and kiss your ass goodbye.

I want to help. If I still lived in Georgia I would probably be helping in person but I can’t do that now. So here’s what I will do… Back in January, I participated in [BlogAid](http://www.blogaid.org.uk) and donated one month’s Adsense income to Tsunami relief efforts. I ended up donating $200. Was a great idea then, it’s a great idea now. I don’t know if anyone’s doing anything organized. If so, I’ll join in but in the meantime **I am pledging my September ad income to Katrina relief efforts…*and* I’ll match whatever I earn with my own money.** Back in January, I added a little bit of my own money but what I donated was pretty close to what I earned so this time with my match, I’m hoping for a meaningful donation. I don’t know if that means sending a check or buying supplies to send to the area. Relief is rushing in now…in early October when these people’s devastated lives are yesterday’s news may be when they need the help the most.

Who’s with me?