Maxtor drives

A little harsh, but I can’t say I [disagree with the sentiment:](

>Maxtor Harddrives Dear Maxtor, your products are absolute crap. Yes, it’s embarrassingly simple to buy your 3rd rate products from my local computer emporium. The number of dead Maxtor drives on my desk is getting awfully close to the number of fingers on one hand. Some of the drives died a sudden death while others slowly faded into the light teasing me with Windows Write Failures. To summarize, you suck!

I’ve got a doorstop, I mean a non-functional Maxtor drive sitting on the corner of my desk too. I know I should just throw it in the garbage, but it seems like such a shame. It was only a few months old. Ironically, it was my backup drive for the PC. The PC survived the move from CT to NJ, the backup didn’t. I don’t care about restoring the data now. It’s outside of the initial warranty, of course. I emailed Maxtor about the problem I was having with the drive. I plugged it in, it wouldn’t mount. Couldn’t recover it. Couldn’t “see” it with any tool l threw at it. This was their response:

>Is the drive recognized in Disk Management on your PC, or in the Disk Utility on the Mac? If it is seen in Disk Management, then your data should still be present on the drive. In order to access the data, you will probably need to use data recovery software, or send the drive to a data recovery service. Once the data has been recovered (or if you choose not to recover the data), you can repartition and reformat the drive using the Disk Management utility. More information on Disk Management is available from Microsoft at If the drive is not detected in either Disk Management or the Disk Utility, that would indicate that the drive has failed.

Gee, that was helpful. Not. Meanwhile, the Western Digital drive I bought to replace it (and spent less on it for more capacity, I might add) has been rock solid. I’ll never purchase Maxtor again. It may have been just one bad drive, but I saw no reason to give them a second chance to waste my money. Once was enough.