Petting the produce

When Eric and I first started dating and became engaged (it happened around the same time), we enjoyed visiting a friend of mine and going with her to the [Dutchess County fair]( in Rhinebeck, NY. Eric and I, metropolitan that we were, would laugh at the booths selling hand-painted power tools and it’s always fun to go “pet the produce” as we used to say.

Today, I took the girls to the [Hunterdon County 4H & Agriculture Fair]( in Ringoes, NJ. Only a 40 minute drive from here. Free admission, easy parking for $5. This fair made the Dutchess County fair look like it happened in downtown Manhattan. I can now say that I stood one foot away from a goat being milked, and I pet a cow. The girls loved it, and I had to practically drag them out of the petting zoo after nearly an hour. The animals all had names and awards and now Laini is begging to join a [4H club]( She says she’ll bring our guinea pig. There does appear to be a [4H group in Mercer County]( and as Eric says, “well, there’s a lot of corn here.”