Rebuild issue appears to be fixed

Oh sheesh.

Don’t you hate when it’s something stupid?

I was [driving myself crazy]( last night, trying to figure out why I couldn’t get this blog to rebuild correctly.

Turns out, the problem was that I was almost out of disk space. Well, not really. I have 9 GB of disk space at [Dreamhost]( to use across 15 domains. Most of the sites I host take barely 100 MB of space. I have more than enough room and then some. The problem is that I didn’t realize that my login had a hard limit set of only 300MB and I was using 99.9% of that. That’s all there was to it. On rebuild, Movable Type writes to a temporary file and I’m assuming that the rebuild process was pushing it over the limit and therefore wasn’t completing.

I had an email this morning telling me that I was out of disk space for my login (thank goodness it’s a Sunday so I doubt I missed any important mail). One click in the control panel to give my login more breathing room and the problem is fixed. I rebuilt the category archives and they look fine now.

So for Googlers: If you find that you are not getting complete pages upon rebuilding your Movable Type blog check your server disk space. That may very well be the problem.

And [Eric](, I’ll go and put the comment and trackback counts back in my RSS feed now. I’m sure the wackiness I was seeing was due to the above problem.


One response to “Rebuild issue appears to be fixed”

  1. Thanks! And I’m glad to hear that you tracked down the problem. That makes me a little less worried about updating to MT 3.2.