dead RSS feed

No matter what I have tried, I cannot seem to get this blog to rebuild correctly. Individual entries are rebuilding without an issue. It’s everything else that is rebuilding hit or miss. I have noticed the problem on the aforementioned category archives pages, as well as the main index and unfortunately the RSS feed. If an index page doesn’t get to the last “ it will still render in most browsers. If a RSS feed doesn’t complete to the last “ it’s toast. I have rebuilt all pages, some pages, indexes, you name it, more times than I can count. I reuploaded all the MT 3.2 files again. I tried from different browsers and computers (including ecto).

I don’t think it’s the database since the individual archives are okay. There’s something going wrong in the rebuild process and for the life of me I can’t figure it out. I know [Dreamhost]( won’t troubleshoot a Movable Type installation, particularly a beta version so I have no choice but to wait for someone from Six Apart to come to my rescue without the benefit of a RSS feed. Jay?!? You out there?!?

**Update:** Of course, just when I say it doesn’t work…it did! As of 30 seconds ago my RSS feed was valid. See:


I will probably kick myself for adding this if it doesn’t rebuild correctly. That’s how hit & miss this has been.

Keeping my fingers crossed as I hit the “save” button…