Now running Movable Type 3.2

Finding things stable enough on my [beta blog](, I took the plunge. Rather than an upgrade, I create a new blog on my 3.2 installation, imported my entries to it, rebuilt to a test location to make sure everything looked okay, then rebuilt again to this directory. I had to do it that way because I had changed naming formats a while back and I needed to mix the old named files in with the new so links wouldn’t be broken. Plus, I like the new 30 character basename default, but I have some semi-popular pages with the old 15 character basename. So for now, they’re mixed together. Over time, I’ll redirect the most popular pages and of course going forward all new entries will have the 30 character limit rather than 15.

Everything appears to have gone well…except with my category archive pages. They won’t rebuild completely. As a test, I went back to the default templates, and those won’t rebuild fully either. A few entries show, and then the file “dies” off. Worse, I can’t go back to my template. Even though the Category Archive template is clearly in this stylesheet, it won’t change. I tried removing the index.php file in one of the category folders (design) thinking it would be replaced on rebuild, and it wasn’t. *This is fixed. See update below.*

I filed it as a bug report with Six Apart. Let’s see what they say. So for now, I wouldn’t advise looking for an old post in the category list.

Let me know if you see anything else, okay?

**Update:** I solved part of the category updating issue. Somehow, in my rebuilding frenzy the category archive mapping deleted from the settings page. That explains why the category builds weren’t updating to use my template or recreating files I had deleted. I fixed that by recreating the Category Archive Mapping. However, the rebuilds are still incomplete. Look at the [Internet & Technology]( category for example. The sidebar is the last part of the page, and it’s not there because the list of entries is cut off midway (scroll to the bottom). A category with less entries, such as [Relocating]( came in completely.

**Update Update:** I’m having a similar part-rebuild issue with the main index. After I saved the above update, this is how the front page of the site looked. Notice that the sidebar cuts off in the middle:


Grrrr. A second (or third) saving of the entry which forces the rebuilding of the main index usually does the trick.