Return of the laptop

New hard drive and CDs arrived at around noon. Easy to install XP Pro and drivers. Unfortunately, a straight restore from Retrospect didn’t go well. Permission errors and other funkiness. I ended up having to do a complete wipe of the drive *again* and went the cleaner route of installing applications one at a time, pulling data and settings from Retrospect where I need to. It’s taking hours, but it’s the right way to do it.

MS Office: *check.* Outlook email, tasks, contacts and calendars: *check.* Quicken, including data files: *check.* OneNote: *check.* Firefox: *check.* Roboform, Forecastfox, Google bar: *check.* Trillian: *check.* Quickbooks: *check.* Last thing before finally calling it a night: ActiveSync for the PDA. Not one byte has been lost. Phew!!

Still have quite a few preferences to set, utilities to add, extensions, etc. ::yawn:: Plus iTunes and Macromedia Studio MX 2004, both of which may require some hoop jumping to deactivate versions that were on the other drive. Starting to run out of steam.

This drive is incredibly quiet. I had no idea how **abnormally** loud the old one was. I thought that’s what a Dell laptop hard drive was supposed to sound like. Wrong. This one is so quiet that I have to look at the light to tell when it’s working. No clicking *at all*.