Rent. The Movie.

[I can’t wait.](

The trailer looks exactly as I pictured it would when I first heard they were making a movie.

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  1. There is a guy in real life whom the character in RENT named “Mark” is based on –his name is Paul Garrin, who among other things is known for breaking the story with his video of the infamous Tompkins Square Park Police Riot that took place in 1988 in the East Village, one of the events that inspired Jonathan Larson, who lived nearby on Avenue A, to author his play “RENT”.

    Paul Garrin became known as the “Man with a Video Camera”, and could be seen carrying his video camera with him everywhere, often finding himself videotaping the police and the many riots that went down in the East Village during the 80’s and early 90’s. more about Paul Garrin:

    see his famous clip “Man with a Video Camera”: rtsp:// or support him by buying his videotape “By Any Means Necessary” which chronicles the housing struggles in the East Village between 1988-1991 that inspired the story behind RENT. go there and click on “video” (or “tapes). You can view a sample clip there, and order the video online.