He gets it!

Sometimes, the [old man](http://www.9to5andotherwise.com) is [as smart as he looks:](http://www.9to5andotherwise.com/lifeoverip/archives/2005/07/who_runs_interf.php)

>My wife, as you know, runs a graphic design firm. From time to time, she gets a bit stressed balancing the deliverables and deadlines of her clients. For a while, I found that curious; multitasking is such a given in any business. I’ve always juggled multiple tasks and never sweated making deadlines.

>I thought perhaps it was a matter of also having to deal with the kids. Now, I realize that that’s not the problem. When I had multiple time-sensitive tasks, they all were within the same firm; I could always rely on a manager to help reprioritize and reschedule work if push came to shove.

>A small business owner has to be both running back and offensive line (to carry forth the subject line analogy). Not only do you have to execute, you also have to choose what to work on at any time – and to block the other people who are trying to tie you up.

Exactly. On top of that, throw in the challenges of working out of a home office. Yes, there are upsides. I get to work barefoot on most days (I hate wearing shoes). I can listen to an episode of Angel on one computer while working on another and no one will give me a hard time (I just bought Seasons 4 & 5 on DVD, completing my Buffy/Angel collection). If I hit a block I can surf to fluff site or read blogs for few minutes to decompress and clear my brain (usually helps get me right back on track). But if you’re sitting at your regular desk in your regular office and you need to stop for a potty break, and the walk to the bathroom takes you past the laundry hamper do you feel bad that the basket is overflowing? Almost guilty for going back to work and not stopping to do the laundry? No, because work and home are separate. For me, it’s one jumble with no clear line.

I’m not going to go out and get a “real” job anytime soon. For starters, I couldn’t make as much working in an office as I do here within the hours I have for working. When all the pros and cons are on the paper, momathome wins. But it’s not all roses by any stretch.


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  1. Here, here!
    As another mom that works from home – I SO relate and it’s great to hear that dh there has bought another clue – can he take my dh shopping for one? 😉