day of updates

Lots of updates and new stuff today.

* [OS X 10.4.2]( is out. Computer is in the kids’ room so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see if it helps keep their #$@% Mini online. BTW, is the Mini supposed to be so noisy?
* Nick Bradbury has finally released a beta of [FeedDemon 1.6]( Big news is syncing with [NewsGator]( Promise is *true* syncing…read an article in the desktop version, it’s marked as read online. Contrary to the comment left on [another entry]( no software does true syncing with Bloglines. The API just doesn’t allow for it. [Greatnews]( has the option to leave articles as unread in Bloglines. Not the same thing. For the new version of FeedDemon, I’m still talking hypothetical because I can’t get my username/password to work with the software. [I’m not alone]( There’s good folks working on this, they’ll figure it out. In the meantime, I’m sticking with [Bloglines]( so no worries. If you want to try the new FeedDemon public beta, you’ll need to have a current FeedDemon license.
* And finally, at least for this entry, there’s [Firefox 1.0.5]( I probably should have waited before upgrading on my PC…the update broke [Roboform]( It will be a few days until Siber Systems releases a new version of the adapter that makes their software work with Firefox.