RSS feed – oops

I decided to try [Feedburner]( again. It didn’t work right for me last time, and now they’ve improved the service to explain what I was doing wrong.


>HTTP Error Code: 500

>Detail: There was a problem retrieving the feed: Error getting URL: 400 – Recursive feed reference error: Your FeedBurner feed is being referred to itself as a source. The most common cause is a web server configured to redirect requests for a source feed directly to FeedBurner. Make sure your Source Feed is an ‘unpublicized’ copy that only FeedBurner checks for updates.

Duh! That’s exactly what I was doing wrong. To correct, I duplicated my feed URL, giving it a feedburner-specific name and set that as the source feed. The feed now appears to be loading correctly here: []( with the web server set to redirect the old feed to the new location. If you’re already subscribed at the old location, it should automatically redirect. I’ll get this right eventually, it’s not that complicated.


One response to “RSS feed – oops”

  1. We recently rewrote this error message to help publishers more quickly understand this sneakier-than-average issue. I’m very glad it helped, and if you have any other suggestions or need help with your feed, pay us a visit at, our support website.

    ~Matt Shobe